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Biomed Young ZAP Club

In 2015, a couple of enthusiastic starting professors (ZAP) from the Group of Biomedical Sciences decided to create the Biomed Young ZAP Club. We organize lunch meetings and after work science club events to meet and network with other starters. We hope to see you at one of our events.

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We also discovered that most of us encounter similar problems or questions related to our teaching and research duties. We hope the links below will help you find an answer for your questions.


Do you have too many or too few teaching assignments? You want more insight in how your teaching duties are awarded? What if someone asks you to take over a class?

With these kind of questions you should first contact the head of your department. Together with the dean of your faculty, he/she is in charge of your teaching load. 


The research coordinator of the Group of Biomedical Sciences can be contacted with questions about your start-up fund, TT contract, TT evaluation, ...

We can't help you with the content of your research, but for funding opportunities, inside and outside the university, check out the list of the Research Coordination Office.

About us


  1. Create a forum where young/starting Biomed ZAP can meet and network.

  2. Help to detect common problems or difficulties that starting ZAPs encounter and try to find solutions.

  3. Unite the young ZAPs and have an influence on the group's policy.

Current board members

Feel free to contact any of us if you want to join the board.







  • December 1th  - Lunch (12h) box meeting - HP8(O&N2)
  • January 19th - Science Speed dating 


What about my lab space? How to order consumables? Where can I go with my IT questions? With practical questions like these you should  go to your department manager.