Our mission

The aim of the Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation research group (MSK) is to advance the evaluation and therapeutic intervention for musculoskeletal disorders of different target populations including (elite) athletes, people with spinal pain,  and the frail elderly. The applied and translational research of the MSK research group contributes in particular to the understanding of neuromuscular and proprioceptive control of human posture and movement in musculoskeletal pain conditions of diverse musculoskeletal domains, including rheumatology, traumatology, orthopedics and sports injuries. 

Our principal investigators


Prof. Dr. Sabine Verschueren

Prof. Sabine Verschueren is Head of the Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Research Group. Her research focuses on movement analysis in athletes and patients with knee disorders (ACL, osteoarthritis), rehabilitation interventions in older adults, and since recently the rehabilitation and physical activity in child oncology.

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Prof. Dr. Simon Brumagne

Prof. Simon Brumagne is Chair of the Permanente Onderwijscommissie (POC) for the study programme Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy (Dutch & English programme). His research focuses on physiotherapeutic aspects of low back problems.

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Prof. Dr. Jos Vanrenterghem

The research of Prof. Jos Vanrenterghem focuses on movement analysis in athletes and patients with knee disorders (ACL, osteoarthritis), the prevention of sports injuries, and the advancement of human movement biomechanics.

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Prof. Dr. Filip Staes

Prof. Filip Staes is acting Dean of the Faculty of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences. His research focuses on physiotherapeutic prevention of sports injuries and physiotherapy after sports injuries

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Prof. Dr. Kurt Claeys

Prof. Kurt Claeys is Chair of Bruges Campus. His research focuses on the rehabilitation of knee disorders (e.g. total knee arthroplasty).

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Prof. Dr. Eric Van den Kerckhove

The research of Prof. Eric Van den Kerckhove focuses on the rehabilitation of hand injuries and burns.

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Prof. Dr. Dieter Van Assche

Prof. Pieter Van Assche is academic liaison for governing bodies associated with the physiotherapy profession (Pro-Q-Kine, Axxon). His research focuses on rehabilitation in rheumatology patients. 

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Prof. Dr. Wim Dankaerts

Prof. Wim Dankaerts is Chair of the postgraduate programme Manual Therapy, and joint Chair of LifeLong Learning REHAB at FaBeR. His research focuses on musculoskeletal rehabilitation (manual therapy) in back and neck disorders, chronic pain, and general physiotherapy.

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Prof. Dr. Kevin Deschamps

The research of Prof. Kevin Deschamps focuses on podiatry and the rehabilitation of the diabetic foot

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