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Music for Life Actie – Ook dat nog …?

In het kader van de Warmste Week van Vlaanderen (Music for Life-actie van StuBru) zetten twee medewerkers van het Instituut, Prof. Dr. Paul Enzlin and Inge Blockmans, M.A., zich vrijwillig in voor het Centrum voor Ontwikkelingsstoornissen (COS) door op 14 december (19:30 - 21:30) twee publieke lezingen te geven over een COS-gerelateerd heikel en met taboe beladen thema onder de titel: "Ook dat nog  … ? Seksuele ontwikkeling en seksuele opvoeding van jongeren met een chronische ziekte of beperking …".

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Music for Life Initiative – And that, too …?

As part of the "Wamest Week of Flanders" (Music for Life by StuBru) initiative, Institute staff members Prof. Dr. Paul Enzlin and Inge Blockmans, M.A. will be offering public lectures in support of the Center for Developmental Disorders (Centrum voor Ontwikkelingsstoornissen, COS) under the title: "And that, too...? Sexual development and sexual education of young people with a chronic disease or disability...". The two presentations will take place December 14th, 7:30-9:30 pm, and wil be given in Dutch.

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University-wide Sexuality Course

KU Leuven has approved its first-ever university-wide human sexuality course, to be offered, in 2016, by our very own IFSS faculty.

"Sexuality in Perspective," will be offered every other year in English, and can be taken by bachelor and master students from any department.

Masters in Sex

We celebrated the graduation of a 48 new sexologists in September 2015. Kudos and congratulations to all of you, Masters in sex!

Research in Ecuador

The Spring and Summer of 2015, we were joined by Monse Jerves and Silvia López from the Universidad de Cuenca in Ecuador.

They are working on their dissertation projects under guidance of Dr. Paul Enzlin and supported by a collaborative program between universities in Flanders and Ecuador.

The Joy of Collaboration

Several esteemed colleagues and collaborators honored us with a visit in 2015.

Among them were Dr. Sophie Bergeron from Canada, Dr. Aleksandar Stulhofer from Croatia, and Dr. Eshkol Rafaeli from Israel.

Dissertation on Dyspareunia

IFSS researcher Els Pazmany successfully defended her dissertation on dyspareunia.

Dr. Pazmany studied the role of cognitive-affective and interpersonal factors in the experience of dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse) in premenopausal women. She also explored underlying brain mechanisms using fMRI methods.You can find a summary of her findings here.

Spring in Full Swing

The Spring 2015 semester kept the students in our IFSS Master Program busy.

Classes offered included clinical sexology; sexual pedagogy; laws on sex/gender, sexuality, and reproduction; methods in sex research; gynecological aspects of sexuality and reproduction; relationship and family therapy (and case studies and practicum); diagnosis and treatment of sexual problems and disorders, and bioethics

Dissertation on Sexual Distress

IFSS researcher Lies Hendrickx successfully defended her dissertation on sexual distress.

Dr. Hendrickx studied, in a representative  sample of Flemish men and women, the prevalence rates of sexual difficulties, sexual dysfunctions, and the experience of sexual distress. In addition, she examined the importance of intra- and interpersonal factors in the prediction of sexual distress in women. A summary can be found here.

New Faculty Member

IFSS and the Department of Neurosciences welcome Erick Janssen to its faculty.

Prof. Dr. Janssen, who received his Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam, brings many years of teaching and research experience to the Institute. He comes to Leuven from the USA, where he lived and worked for almost two decades and was Senior Scientist and Director of Education and Research Training at the famous Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.

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New Publications

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