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Leuven Viral Vector Core - LVVC

The Leuven Viral Vector Core (LVVC) is a full-service facility dedicated to the development of customised viral vector technology for life science purposes. The LVVC is housed at the KU Leuven and provides services to KU Leuven researchers and to external life scientists from research institutions and industry. Historically, the LVVC spun out of the HIV research performed in the Laboratory of Molecular Virology & Drug Discovery headed by Prof. Zeger Debyser and the collaboration with the Group of Neurobiology & Gene Therapy headed by Prof. Veerle Baekelandt.

Since the establishment in 2010, the LVVC has produced more than 2,000 viral vector batches for in-house and external research purposes. The LVVC operates under a CRO-based business model and provides high-quality, customised services at marginal cost or competitive pricing. Moreover, the LVVC carefully discusses project needs and follow-up of projects with customers. The LVVC is involved in nationally and internationally funded grants and has completed several bilateral contracts with (inter)national researchers and industry over the past two years.





The Management Board is the supervisory body for project execution and decision-making. The board consists of five members, all with a professional background:

  • Principle investigator Viral Vector Technology and Gene Therapy (Prof. Rik Gijsbers).
  • Research expert in animal modelling (Dr. Chris Van den Haute).
  • Principle investigator Molecular Virology and Drug Discovery (Prof. Zeger Debyser).
  • Principle investigator Neurobiology and Gene Therapy (Prof. Veerle Baekelandt).