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Oncoforum 2016

27 May 2016 - Campus Gasthuisberg ON2, BMW6


Registration: via website LKI


Abstract submission (till March 31st 2016):

Please e-mail your abstract before March 31st to:



Abstracts must consist of a title, a list of authors with affiliations and an abstract text. Abstract texts shall not be longer that 300 words, in point 12 Times New Roman Font. Texts longer than 300 words will be cut off. Abstracts cannot include figures, these will typically go into the presentation (see below).

All cancer-related abstracts will be presented as a poster and as a 2 minute presentation during a plenary session, in which the presenters convey the key findings of the abstract and try to stimulate the audience to visit their corresponding poster. Three abstracts will be selected for a longer oral presentation of 10 minutes. All abstracts will be published in an abstract book (distributed to all participants). Awards will be given for the best abstracts and posters.



08h30:  Registration

08h50:  Welcome and Opening, Dr. Ignace Vergote en Dr. Johan Swinnen

09h00:  Keynote 1

            Dr. Louis Staudt, Center for Cancer Research, NCI, USA

            Title: ‘Therapy of lymphoma inspired by functional and structural  genomics’          

09h45:  Short oral poster presentations (n=20)

10h30:  Coffee Break & Poster viewing

11h00:  Tech talk 1

            Dr. Bart Ghesquiere, VIB, Leuven

            Title: ‘13C Metabolism: What Isotopes Can Tell Us About Cellular Biochemical Activities’ 

11h15:  Selected talk 1

11h30: Short oral poster presentations (n=20)

12h15:  Lunch Break and Poster Viewing

13h00:  Selected talk 2

13h15:  Keynote 2

            Dr. Carmen Garrido, Université de Bourgogne, France

            Title: ‘Heat shock proteins in cancer’

14h00:  tech talk 2

            Dr. Nadine Ectors, KU Leuven  - UZ Leuven

            Title: TBA

14h15: Short oral poster presentations (n=15)

14h45:  Coffee Break & Poster viewing

15h15:  Selected talk 3

15h30: tech talk 3

            Dr. Susan Schlenner, KU Leuven  - VIB, Leuven

            Title: ‘CrispR-based Genome Editing Platform at KU Leuven’

             15h45:  Keynote 3

                        Dr. Charles Swanton, The Francis Crick Institute, UK

                        Title: ‘Cancer Evolution Through Space and Time’

16h30:  Awards and Prizes

16h45:  Reception


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