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Welcome to the website of the molecular Small Animal Imaging Centre of the K.U.Leuven (moSAIC)

Different in-vivo imaging modalities (µPET, µCT, µNMR, bioluminescence, ultrasound) and a lab for small animal radiotherapy have been centralized in a new lab conveniently localized close to the animal facility. Supporting techniques such as behavior tests, autoradiography, microsurgery, ex-vivo gammacounting are also available.

The lab combines a Biohazard Class II lab with a Class B radiation lab and allows to work safely with transgenic animals.

The centre performs research studies with internal and external partners and contract research with industry. MoSAIC is also part of the IMIR (In Vivo Molecular Imaging Research) centre of excellence.

News from STK Grant!!

In 2015, two grants have been accorded to MoSAIC researchers for new microPET devices that will be installed in the course of 2016. Prof. Vanlaere and Prof. Gheysens obtained funding through the Hercules foundation for a large bore small animal microPET. Prof. Deroose, with a consortium of 20 oncological KU Leuven research groups, obtained funding from the “Stichting tegen Kanker”  PET insert for the new Mosaic 7T microMRI (managed by Prof. Himmelreich). These devices will greatly enhance the capacity, scope and multimodality nature of the microPET activities at MoSAIC.

We will be pleased to coöperate with you to plan and perform small animal imaging studies, please contact us if you are interested (fill in the study application form, right side of this page).



The following groups participate in moSAIC:

Laboratory for Molecular Virology and Gene Therapy + Laboratory for Neurobiology and Gene Therapy

Nuclear Medicine


Biomedical MRI unit

Ultrasound group

MicroCT group

Experimental Radiotherapy group