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Welcome to the Biomedical Sciences Group

The Biomedical Sciences Group comprises three faculties and fourteen departments. A number of research networks run across different departments and disciplines. The Faculties of Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Sciences organize the teaching activities. Research is carried out in the departments and networks, and relies on innovation and cooperation across disciplinary, technological, cultural and geographical borders.


Members of the Executive Committee:
Vice Rector: Wim Robberecht (photo); Group Manager: Jozef Arnout; Research Coordinator: Bart Nuttin;  Dean Faculty of Medicine: Jan Goffin; Dean Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences: Alfons Verbruggen; Dean Faculty of Kinesiology & Rehabilitation Sciences: Christophe Delecluse; Chief Executive Officer UZ Leuven: Marc Decramer; Representative AAP-BAP Staff: Christophe Vandenbriele; Representative ATP Staff: Tomas Luyten; Representative students: Oliver Van Oekelen



researchimageThe research is organized within a number of departments & networks

Through core facilities researchers have access to state-of-the-art technologies.

LRD, the knowledge and technology transfer office of the KU Leuven, supports researchers in their interactions with industry.


rijboekenimageThe three faculties provide the educational programmes:



UZ Leuven


The University Hospitals Leuven (UZ Leuven) provide top quality patient care at its four campuses.
There is a strong research interaction between the Biomedical Sciences Group and UZ Leuven.

Doctoral School

doctoralschool2The Doctoral School offers twelve thematic PhD programmes involving more than one hundred research units with a strong international reputation, and covering a wide range of biomedical research topics.